August 15, 2023

Panama Canal Update

The Panama Canal Authority (PCA) gave notice that the canal has experienced an extended dry season that is further impacting restrictions to the waterway. It has been recently reported that the average waiting time to cross the canal is now around 18-21 days and this has caused further bottleneck of vessels waiting to pass. Please be advised that the PCA has further reduced the number of ships that can transit through the canal in both directions daily to alleviate the congestion of vessels already in queue. According to PCA, the reduction is expected to last through August 21. The lower water level weight restrictions imposed by PCA in July requiring vessels in transit will also continue to be implemented and imposed. Due to the current situation, some ocean carriers have reduced the maximum acceptable payload for 20-foot and 40-foot containers.


The MWL teams in Hong Kong, at origins and in the USA are working closely with the carriers and our customers to manage bookings through this situation. Should you need further information, please contact our local Sales team or Customer Service for assistance.


MWL will continue to provide regular updates on the situation.