MOL Worldwide Logistics uses the latest software tools and leverages the best hardware platforms to deliver solutions that make a significant difference to our customers, partners, staff and shareholders.

MOL Worldwide Logistics’ Information Technology Strategy is guided by the principle that in the world of order management and supply chain where solutions need to be highly customized, MOL Worldwide Logistics employs proprietary systems which enable us to have a direct ability to differentiate ourselves.

In the world of air and ocean freight forwarding where processes are more established and regulated, MOL Worldwide Logistics employs an off-the -shelf state-of-the-art, industry proven and best-in -class system – CargoWise One.

CargoWise One has the flexibility to allow MOL Worldwide Logistics to customize and design the system workflow to suit the optimum operating flow, thereby increasing efficiency and accuracy in operations.

The scalability of CargoWise One means that MOL Worldwide Logistics can offer clients who operate single-office businesses to large multinational companies worldwide, improvements to their visibility, efficiency, quality of service and profitability by adopting our next-generation technology.