March 29, 2021

Notice and update to Vessel blockage in the Suez Canal – Update 01 on March 29, 2021

Please be informed that the stranded vessel at Suez Canal, Ever Given, has started to move early today at 04:30 local time Monday according to the Suez Canal authorities and its owner.  The container ship had been successfully floated in response to efforts by a fleet of tugboats. Further maneuvers are scheduled today as the water level in the canal is expected to rise to its maximum height to allow the ship’s course to be completely modified. The vessel is being secured at the moment.

At this point, the Suez Canal Authority and the ship operator have not given any estimated or definitive time to complete the task for the full dislodge of the vessel and if the canal will require repairs. We are closely following the situation and we will continue to give you more updates.

As for your cargos, we are starting to receive some of the carriers notification and their list of vessels that are expected to be delayed, or have opted for Cape of Good Hope routing. We will provide to you those information as soon we have confirmed and gather all information.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Service.