April 18, 2024

MCS & MWL Email Address Migration

To align with the overarching ‘ONE MOL’ initiative, the current email domains for MCS and MWL will be migrated to the MOL group’s email domain. The new email domain will be

Migration Timeline:

  1. MWL (May 2024): The first stage of migration is scheduled for May 2024. During this phase, the email domain for MWL will change from to
  2. MCS (June to July 2024): The second stage of migration is planned for June to July 2024. MCS staff will experience a transition from to

Keep in mind that the migration schedule may vary for individual MWL and MCS staff members. If you have any concerns, please reach out to our IT help desk at

This migration aims to enhance alignment and provide a more streamlined MOL service experience.