April 24, 2019

Introduction to MCS and MWL QR Code Optical Labels

We are pleased to introduce the MCS and MWL official QR Code optical labels.

The QR code or Quick Response Code, is a square two-dimensional barcodes that were first developed and was originally first used in the Japanese auto industry to scan track parts serial numbers. Similar to a barcode, a QR code stores information and data patterns that can be scanned and translated into readable information in the form of text, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. The most common way to scan QR codes is via smartphone by a QR scanning app, available in Google’s Play Store and in Apple’s App Store.

The MCS and MWL QR Codes

MOL Consolidation Service        MOL Worldwide Logistics

While QR Codes are used for many purposes, the MCS QR Code and MWL QR Code were created specifically linked to MCS and MWL home page. Its main purpose is in line with our company’s vision ‘To bring Value and Innovative Solutions’ to customers. As people knowledge are being more and more technically oriented, QR Code usage has evolved in a fast phase and has become a basic but powerful marketing tool and an integral part of everyday life in business. The scan and go technology is one effective way to propel post customer engagement, recognition of businesses and brands.

Usage Guideline of MCS and MWL QR Codes

  1. It is with utmost importance to consider business ethics when and where we should place or use our MCS/MWL QR codes. In this regard, we strictly recommend the use of QR codes only for the following, but not limited to:
  • Company Posters and Banners
  • Campaign Booths, Kiosks, etc.
  • Company Brochures
  • Advertising materials i.e. magazines, publication materials, etc.
  • Company giveaways or gift items, displays, packaging promotions, etc.
  • Calendars, diaries, memo, notebooks, pads, etc.
  1. Business/Name Cards

Following the MOL Group’s business card unified standard policy, the QR codes are ‘not allowed’ on MCS and MWL business cards.

  1. Email Signatures

There is ‘no need’ to use QR codes on email signatures! Note that the standard MCS/MWL email signature form, already have corresponding MCS/MWL website hyperlinks e.g. or hence a QR code is ‘not recommended’ for Email signatures.

  1. Billboards (External and Public)

To preserve company integrity and quality, please consider to get prior approval or confirmation from management and/or from MCS Marketing & Communications Division before using our QR code for external and public billboards i.e. buildings, vehicles, public utilities, etc.

  1. To obtain the QR Code or should you have questions or need further assistance, please contact MCS Marketing & Communications Division at email: MCS_Marketing&


MCS & MWL Marketing & Communications Division