March 28, 2022

China COVID-19 – Update No. 03

Please find the latest situation regarding the COVID-19 in China. For this week, the only significant update we have is for Shanghai. Note that Shenzhen has already returned to normal and is expected to gradually improve.

Origin City General Status Office Port/Terminal Warehouse operations
Shanghai Shanghai government has announced partial lock down into 2 phases for all citizens to take the nucleic acid testing program.

Phase I: 05:00 March 29 to 05:00 April 1, 2022
Eastern part of Huangpu river and key areas which has confirmed COVID cases.

Phase II: 03:00 April 1 to 03:00 April 5, 2022
Mainly Western part of Huangpu river and the remaining areas that is not covered in Phase I.

Work at Home Normal operations a) MCS CFS located at Puxi:  Will be closed from 03:00 of April 1 to 5, 2022.
b) MCS CFS located at Pudong:  Remain normal operations.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed for any developments.