March 21, 2022

China COVID-19 – Update No. 02

Please be informed that the local government in Shenzhen has ended the 7-day lock down policy on March 21, 2022. Please find our updated summary of Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong regarding the COVID-19 situation.

Origin City General Status Office Port/Terminal Warehouse operations
Shenzhen a) The Shenzhen government has ceased the 7days lock down policy on March 21, 2022.
b) The city has completed three rounds of citywide mass COVID testing in the past week.
c) ALL government agencies, public institutions and businesses in Shenzhen, except part of Futian District, will resume normal operations as from Mar 21.
d ) Bus and Metro services will also resume operations.

Note: All notices above will remain effective from March 21 to 27 and subject to the Government review.

Return to normal on Tuesday, March 22. Normal operations a) Warehouse operations have gradually resumed since March 18, 2022.
b) CFS trucks will be allowed to enter BLP warehouse with preconditions: 1)  24 hours negative Covid test result. 2) At least one day application in advance. 3. Driver’s “Travel code” cannot have “*” on it (except Shenzhen), A “*” means an area defined as a “still at risk area”.
Shanghai a) Covid cases has increased after Shanghai government implemented “Check and Clear cases 2+12” policy to all Shanghai residents.
b) Most of public transportation is not available.
Work at Home Normal operations Normal operations
Hong Kong Cross border services have resumed on March 21, 2022.
Hong Kong cross border driver must obtain the following to allow to/from Hong Kong & Shenzhen:
A) A valid “Yuekang Code” to entry China border
B) Valid Negative Covid test result within 72 hours.
Work at Home Normal operations Normal operations

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed for any developments.